Medieval Dogs

Dogs were the first animals Human’s domesticated, over 15,000 years ago! From the first wolf welcomed into the family of Homo Sapiens and until now, they have been an important part of all cultures and societies. This includes medieval times! Medieval Dogs are always found in old art, and in stories from the past.

This is a collection of Medieval Dogs featured in Illuminated Manuscripts. It will be cumulative, so expect many updates as I discover more pup art from the Middle Ages.

Medieval Shepherd Dogs

These working dogs are from a 1270 bestiary by Hugues de Fouilloy. It is titled “Christ and a Monk and Two Shepherds“. Source is the Getty Center, and it is in the public domain.

The dog on the left is red and the dog on the right is a bit judgmental, as is the goat. Maybe they are a bit upset about their shepherd falling asleep on the job.

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