Folding Bridge – The 1926 Invention

“This emergency bridge can be set up on the bank or even in the water, and can be easily transported on a handcart.”

Nationaal Archief of the Netherlands
Men and children standing on a folding bridge that has been placed over water.
“Folding bridge for emergencies”

This folding bridge, also known as the scissor bridge, is one of few. Another notable one being the Horn Bridge.

What makes this folding bridge extra special is its age of creation and its ability to be easily transported. It was invented by L. Deth in 1926 and could be tooted around in a handcart. Which depending on the strength of the person could be done alone.

Most portable bridges are larger than this one and would involve more than one person to maneuver and install. Is a small one worth the trouble? Maybe, if you think of the dangers of getting wet while in the wild.

Not to mention, instead of the usual date trope of putting down your coat over a puddle for the other person to walk across. Imagine, instead, you excused yourself and returned with a folding bridge in a handcart. Very rad.

The location of the photo and the creation is the Netherlands. The source for the image and information is from the National Archives of the Netherlands, also called National Archief. The photographer is unknown. The photo has no known copyright restrictions.

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