Eye Brooch – Take a Look!

This eye brooch is a part of a fashion trend in the late 18th and early 19th century called Lover’s Eye Jewelry.

So-called Lover’s Eye jewelry was fashionable between 1780s and 1830s both in England, on the Continent and in America. This fashion seems to have been initiated by the Prince of Wales (the future George IV), who sent a miniature of his own eye to his lover, Mrs. Mary Fitzherbert. Such miniatures were mounted as rings, pendants or brooches and were worn by the beloved. Associated with purity and tears, pearls are frequently set into the frame of this kind of jewelry and might have added a commemorative aspect to the jewelry, to remember a deceased loved one.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Brooch with an eye drawn in the middle.

Eye Brooch” Early 19th Century by Unknown. Credit The MET, public domain.

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