Beware of Spies – WWI Propaganda Poster

Beware of Spies! Fear of espionage is a common theme in war propaganda posters. This one was created by the New Zealand Army Department for World War I.

The poster was used during World War I by authorities to remind people to be on their guard and to stay vigilant and report anything suspicious.

– Archives New Zealand.
Beware of Spies propaganda posters.

Transcription of Poster:

DON'T imagine that every one who SPEAKS ENGLISH is to be trusted, and that every UNIFORM covers a FRIEND.
DON'T exchange confidences with CASUAL COMPANIONS or when travelling at home or abroad. 
DON'T trust STRANGERS who write to you, who offer gifts or hospitality, or who tell you their secrets. 
DON'T carry about with you or show MAPS, PLANS, ORDERS, or any navel or military document.
DON'T hesitate to PREVENT and to REPORT at once any leakage of information or any suspicious action.
DON'T mention naval or military matters in your LETTERS. They have a habit of getting into print to the advantage of the enemy.
DON'T imagine that private DIARIES or NOTEBOOKS will keep secret. They sometimes get lost or stolen.
DON'T leave written SCRAPS OF PAPER about. BURN them. They might tell tales.
DON'T forget that a CHANCE WORD or SCRAP OF PAPER may help your enemy and SLAY YOUR FRIEND.

This “Beware of Spies” poster is from the Archives New Zealand, and is under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic.